Customized Stop-the-Slip Solutions
For Your Unique Conditions

Your Stop-the-Slip Solutions Graded:

ClearGrip Treads: B+

For sealed, smooth brick or stones steps inside the home, ClearGrip Treads provide excellent slip prevention while allowing the natural beauty of the brick or stone to shine through. ClearGrip Treads rubberized vinyl provides excellent traction that works well with bare feet, socks, slippers, shoes and even pet paws!

The non-slip vinyl treads are easy to apply with an adhesive backing that is strong enough to keep the treads securely in place, but that also can be removed in the future if desired. ClearGrip Treads come in either 6″ x 24″ or 6″ x 12″ sizes that can be trimmed, if desired. 

When used on brick or stone, it’s important that the treads be trimmed to skip any grout or mortar lines. ClearTreads will not adhere to grout lines.

Maintenance of ClearGrip Treads is easy. They can be mopped or wiped down with soap and water without worry. 

You can expect ClearGrip Treads to last for 3 to 5 years, depending on the foot traffic on the stairs. 

It’s important to remember that the darker the color of the wood or paint, the more visible the ClearGrip tread will be. On light wood the vinyl tread is nearly invisible. On dark wood, you will notice it.

Total Score: B+

Effectiveness: A
Installation & Maintenance: C
Durability: A
Initial Price: A
Long-Term Value: B

Non-Slip Grit Treads or Tape: D

Handi-Treads Stop-the-Slip Grit Treads or Grit Tape are perfect for brick or stone stairs where a maximum amount of traction is required and you’re not concerned about appearances. If it is important to you that your brick or stone steps maintain their natural beauty, grit treads are not an effective solution.

The commercial grade non-slip Grit Treads or Grit Tape provide a high traction surface for brick or stone stairs in the work place or at home in wet, dry and oily conditions. This makes them especially useful in areas where water or grease are present, such as in a kitchen or utility room. 

Stop-the-Slip Grit Treads are intended for stairs where footwear are normally worn. They are not appropriate for stairs where socks and bare feet are the norm. 

These non-slip treads are 6″ x 24″ and the tape comes in 30-foot rolls of 2″ and 4″ widths.  All meet the Prop 65 and ADA standards, are NFSI certified for “High Traction”, and can be cut to meet custom size needs. Treads come 4 per package and are available in black, black with glow strip, black with reflective strip, and *luminescent. The Grit Tape comes in black and luminescent colors.

Installation is simple, but the tape or treads must be trimmed to avoid mortar and grout lines. The peel-and-stick backing of the treads and tape provides maximum adhesion to properly cleaned and sealed brick or stone surfaces. No maintenance is required for Grit Treads or Grit Tape. Both will maintain their effectiveness, depending on the level of use, from 2 to 4 years.

Total Score: D

Effectiveness: F
Installation & Maintenance: C
Durability: C
Initial Price: B
Long-Term Value: F

Stair Runners & Treads: C+

Stair runners and individual treads made of carpet can be an effective way to improve traction on stone and brick stairs, assuming that it is a short, looped carpet and the runner or treads are properly installed. Long or cut pile carpeting can actually be more dangerous than finished wood steps. Stair runners allow some of the brick or stone to peek through on the sides of the stairs.

Installation of carpet runners and non-adhesive backed carpeted treads usually require a professional. The carpet must be securely fastened to the stair treads and risers with specialized tack rails or staples. These methods of installation make the safest stairs. There are also DIY carpet treads available with an adhesive backing. While there are some good quality adhesive-backed carpet treads on the market, we do not believe that adhesive backed treads are appropriate for most homes.  They are simply not secure enough and if not properly secured, can catch a toe.

Maintenance of carpet runners and treads can be a challenge, as one must carry a vacuum up or down the steps to clean the carpet. This in and of itself can be a hazard.

With professional installation carpet stair runners or treads can be expected to last 5 to 8 years depending on the quality and the use and abuse they receive. It’s important to remember that once a runner or tread is placed on brick or stone stairs, likely with adhesive, the finish beneath the carpet will likely be marred.

The cost of purchase and proper installation of carpet runners or treads by a professional can run into several hundreds of dollars, depending on the quality of the carpet purchased.

Total Score: C+

Effectiveness: A
Installation & Maintenance: D
Durability: A
Initial Price: D
Long-Term Value: C

Anti-Slip Paint or Finish: D

Grit paint is not typically appropriate for interior residential brick or stone stairs where people will be walking in bare feet or with socks The grit in most anti-slip paints is so aggressive that they will cause pulls in the sock fabric and will also be too harsh on your bare feet. Grit paint would also totally mask the beauty of the brick or stone steps, eliminating the number one feature of such building materials.

For brick, stone or concrete stairs that lead to utility rooms or a basement where shoes will always be worn – and appearance is not critical – grit paint can be a very good way to improve traction.

Grit paint can be difficult to apply as surface preparation and careful application is critical. Once applied to brick steps it’s almost impossible to successfully return the stairs to their natural finish. The cost of anti-slip paint is $60 to $120 a gallon. Used inside the home, grit paint will last for 8 to 10 years.

Total Score: D

Effectiveness: F
Installation & Maintenance: D
Durability: B
Initial Price: D
Long-Term Value: D