Handi-Treads is your Stop-the-Slip solutions company. Our goal is to provide a range of effective solutions that are appropriate for your unique situation and environmental conditions. To help speed the process of finding the right solution for you we’ve designed the Stop-the-Slip Configurator

The Stop-the-Slip Configurator presents a series of questions that helps to identify where, when and on what your slip, trip or fall condition exists.  Based on your answers, the Configurator offers a ranked set of solutions for your consideration. The rankings are based on the following criteria:

  • Effectiveness: How much additional grip or traction can be expected in your unique situation and under what conditions.
  • Installation & Maintenance: How easy is it to install and maintain the solution over several years.
  • Durability:  How long will the solution continue to perform well and how long will the product last before requiring replacement.
  • Initial Price:  The initial cost of purchasing and installing the solution.
  • Long-Term Value: The 10-year value of the solution including any maintenance and replacement costs.

Below is a screenshot of the Customized Stop-the-Slip Solutions results page with a summary grade snapshot for the various solutions as well as a detailed explanation of each grade and why it was rewarded.

For those who already know the Handi-Treads solution they want to employ we provide a detailed description of each product in this section as well. Click on the link for the product description you desire.

Handi-Treads Aluminum Treads

Handi-Treads Aluminum Nosings

ClearGrip Vinyl Treads

ClearGrip Vinyl Circles

Stop-the-Slip Grit Tape

Stop-the-Slip Grit Treads

Shower & Bath Vinyl Mats

Shower & Bath Vinyl Strips