Ceramic tile is an economical way to add beauty to a bathroom, kitchen, or utility room in your home or office.  Available in a broad range of colors, styles and textures, ceramic tile is easy to install and maintain.

When used as a floor covering, ceramic tile can be quite slippery, especially when wet.  Choosing a tile that has texture can certainly help, but because tile sheds water it tends to be used in wet environments.

Problem Areas and Materials: Ceramic Tile

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make tile safer when wet. First, in commercial kitchens and utility rooms, heavy rubber mats can make the normally wet areas below sinks or work areas much safer.  Of course, you’d need to be careful about the placement of the mats so you don’t create a trip hazard.

Of course, in a beautiful residential bath or kitchen, bulky rubber mats are non-starters. In the bathroom it makes sense to put a bathmat outside of the shower or bath.

However, when beauty matters, Handi-Treads ClearGrip Treads are an excellent solution. The see-through rubberized vinyl treads provide excellent grip while allowing the beauty of the tile to shine through. You can trim the treads to fit each tile perfectly, making a beautiful surface safe in wet conditions.

Use the Stop-the-Slip Configurator to find the right solution for your ceramic tile slip and fall needs.