Installing ClearGrip Treads

Surface Preparation:

  1. Make sure indoor surface is clean, dry, smooth and above minimum application temperature when applying. Repair or replace any broken or damaged surface. Minimum application Temperature: 50 F (10 C). Not recommended for outdoor use.
  2. Remove chipped, cracked or peeled paint prior to applying Puppy/People Treads™ material.
  3. Remove loose residue from surface.
  4. Use cleaner or solvent wipe to clean surface. After cleaning, allow to dry thoroughly.


  1. Complete Surface Preparation Instructions. Do not apply over grout. Can be cut to size.
  2. Peel off protective release paper. Minimize touching adhesive withf ingers.
  3. Place one corner where you would like the tread to start and smooth down the line as you install the tread.
    Make sure to push out any bubbles from under the tread. For best results. Use a rolling pin or wallpaper roller. Start from one corner and push out air bubbles or creases as you lay the tread down. Smooth the edges and ensure a tight seal.


  1. Prepare tread for removal by using a heat gun, blow dryer or a hot wet towel to assist in this process. Gently pull up tread material.
  2. When removing the tread there may be a little adhesive residue left behind, but this is easily removed with an oil based solvent like goo gone, a citrus-based cleaner or even peanut butter.
  3. The treads can be removed without damaging hardwood stairs. This is totally dependent upon following surface preparation instructions and the quality of the original stair finish application. If polyurethane or stain was not applied properly, the polyurethane may peel off of the hardwood when you lift the tread.

 You can download a pdf copy of the installation instructions here.