Handi-Treads Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

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Handi-Treads Non Slip Treads

The unique raised button surface of Handi-Treads provides the best slip, trip and fall prevention. These lightweight, aluminum treads take only seconds to install and instantly improve traction. Handi-Treads are a durable long-lasting solution compared to short-term solutions such as abrasive non slip grit tape or grip paint. They are great for wood or concrete and can also be installed on synthetic wood from brands such as Trex, Timbertech, and Maclumber.

Handi-Treads are ideal for increasing safety in a variety of different industries including Residential, Commercial, Public Parks, Industrial, and Government. They can be used to prevent slips and falls on ramps, porches, decks, and staircases due to weather, wet surfaces, rotting wood, snow, and other hazards.

Handi-Treads Features & Benefits

  • High traction non slip surface
  • Four color choices include: plain silver, black, brown and safety yellow
  • Easy to install
  • Aluminum treads will never rust, crack, or wear down when subjected to inclement weather, corrosive materials, or heavy foot traffic
  • Treads include screw holes to make installation easier
  • OSHA Approved Safety Surface for Steps – 1910.24(f)
  • Water on the non slip surface beads up and runs off. This also prevents ice from building up.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • http://handitreads.com/

Where to Buy

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Stop the Slip's mission is to help prevent slip and fall accidents before they happen. Featuring our popular aluminum Handi Treads and the new Puppy/People Treads.

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