Slip-Trip-Fall injuries can be prevented.
Find the best solutions to minimize slips and falls both at home and in the workplace.



Patented system for reducing slips and falls on virtually any surface.


Minimizes slips while reinforcing the integrity of the stair tread.


A see-through solution to reduce slips and fall on indoor steps and surfaces.


High-traction grit tape in black, black with reflective strip, and glow-in-the-dark colors.


“I shovel the steps for an older woman who owns the “Mother-in-Laws” apartment attached to our home.

For years she has had the self adhesive strips on her stairs. At the end of winter there are only a few left because the rest get shoveled along with the snow.

I saw these Handi-Treads on-line and thought that they were the long term solution to good traction. Putting them up (30 of them) was easy. I made a jig to ensure that were placed uniformly. Really impressed with the quality of the tread and the hardware to attach. She said it was the best Christmas present!”

David M. – Sitka, Alaska

porch deck aluminum treads

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The National Zoo, Washington DC

According the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), slip and fall injuries are the number one cause of emergency room visits each year. Thom Disch, the CEO of Handi-Ramps, parent company of Handi-Treads, had personal experience with the devastation that slips and falls could bring and determined that with his company, he would find a solution. After years of research and education, Thom became an expert in the field of slip, trip and fall mitigation both at home and in the workplace, writing a very successful book on the topic that’s been quoted by many sources.

Thom built Handi-Treads as a single source of information and solutions for those looking to prevent the pain, lengthy recovery and liability that come along with slips and falls in both commercial and residential environments.

At stoptheslip.com, you’ll find the right solution for your slip, trip or fall condition.