Stop The Slip with HandiProducts’ Non-Slip Solutions.

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Slips and Falls are one of the biggest dangers in modern society, being the seventh most frequent cause of death in the USA (Source: National Safety Council). Whether using People Treads on tile in the home or HandiTreads out in the shop, HandiProducts has the right preventative to reduce injury.


Become a dealer today and help make the world a bit safer. “Stop the Slip” is also a website where you can submit your videos that involve slip, trips or falls. The videos will be voted on and then the top video will receive a free slip, trip and fall solution.  The purpose of our site is to raise awareness of slip, trip and falls in public areas and to offer a free or low expense solution.


About Us

Stop the Slip's mission is to help prevent slip and fall accidents before they happen. Featuring our popular aluminum Handi Treads and the new Puppy/People Treads.

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