Everyone falls, but falls don’t just happen, they’re preceded by other events. When you eliminate those events, you reduce the risk of falling. The good news is that fall injuries are preventable. The book Stop the Slip shows how you can avoid these injuries. Watch the video about the award-winning book now!


Watch Stop the Slip author Thom Disch discuss the ALERT System, a method he developed for long-term fall prevention.

Watch Thom Disch discuss how we are seven times more likely to die from a fall injury than we are from the flu.

Watch Thom Disch discuss how everyone is at risk for a fall injury.

Watch Thom Disch discuss which age groups are most likely to have a fall injury.

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Stop the Slip's mission is to help prevent slip and fall accidents before they happen. Featuring our popular aluminum Handi Treads and the new Puppy/People Treads.

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