Stop the Slip Video Contest

“Stop the Slip” Problem

I was driving my bike down a new path in the forest preserve when I hit a slippery patch, slip, fell and skinned my knee. There was nothing that appeared to be slick, but I called the forest preserve to report the accident.

They informed me that accidents like this have happened recently and that they had just purchased a tread solution that would, “stop the slip.” A few months later and I took a walk to the same area. They had placed metal treads on the surface. I felt confident that they had “stopped the slip,” enough that the next day I went biking.

The above example is a prime example of many slip, trip and fall accidents that occur in public places. Sometimes, as in the case of the forest preserve, it is easy to call and report the problem, but in other cases, stopping the slip is not so easy. Often times the funds are not available to fix public access areas. For this reason we’ve launched this contest where participants can send in their videos of slip trip and falls in public places. We will post the videos that are submitted and select a finalist. The finalist will receive a free fix to stop the slip.

The Contest

Have you slipped, tripped or fallen in a public area and not known what do to? “Stop the slip” is hosting a contest where Handi Products will fix a problematic public access area for free. Out of a pool of contestants we will pick a problem location 4 times a year and fix it for free.

The steps in the contest are 1) submit a video of between 1-3 minutes about a slip, trip or fall that you’ve experienced; 2) describe how the slip occurred in 100 words or less; 3) get all of your friends, family, and acquaintances to vote on your video; and finally 4) a team of expert judges at Handi Products will then choose between the top five and pick the winning video.

Submit a Video

Submit a video to our contest form. We will classify the videos by 1) city and state and 2) type of problem. Along with your video, submit a 100 word description of the slip, trip, and fall problem.

Public Vote and Judges

The vote for the best video will depend partly on the social media vote, who get the most likes. The five submissions in each period with the most likes will become the semifinalists evaluated by the judges.

Promote Your Video

The more that you promote your own video, the greater the chances it will be selected as one of the top five.

“Stop the Slip” Fixed for Free

The top finalist will have their slip, trip and fall problem fixed for free.

The winner of this contest will have their stop the slip problem fixed for free. Stop the slip problems are limited to public places. Homes and work places are not included as part of the contest.


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Stop the Slip's mission is to help prevent slip and fall accidents before they happen. Featuring our popular aluminum Handi Treads and the new Puppy/People Treads.

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