Puppy and People Treads

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Puppy Treads and People Treads Traction Enhancing Material

Puppy & People Treads are a non-slip solution for you and your precious pup! Treads come in our popular translucent color in addition to an opaque black or gray. Looks great on hardwood, tile and stone. Made from a soft rubberized material, these traction enhancing strips are perfect for bare feet or paws!

Works on tile, wood, laminate, ceramic, concrete.. anywhere you or your beloved companion need more grip. Great for slick stairs or walkways and easy to install. Just peel and place. Leaves no residue or adhesive behind when removed. A great way to keep older dogs from sliding and skidding on wood floors. Make any surface easy for them to get to their feet.

Puppy Treads and People Treads
Features & Benefits

  • Helps prevent slips and falls for people and pets
  • Leaves no sticky residue after removal
  • Great with socks, bare feet or slippers
  • Resilient, non-abrasive anti-slip texture
  • Long lasting in heavy paw or foot traffic
  • Mop-friendly for easy cleanup
  • No fasteners required
  • www.PuppyTreads.com
  • www.PeopleTreads.com

Where to Buy

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About Us

Stop the Slip's mission is to help prevent slip and fall accidents before they happen. Featuring our popular aluminum Handi Treads and the new Puppy/People Treads.

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