89-year-old Woman Falls, Becomes Trapped Under Bed for 6 Days

Miami police rescued an 89-year-old woman who fell on the floor who then became trapped underneath her bed for 6 days. Violeta Pilgrim’s neighbors became concerned when they had not heard from or seen her in days.

Violeta Pilgrim fell on the floor of her Miami home and became trapped under her bed for 6 days before help arrived. Image via NewsRadio WIOD

“A concerned individual hasn’t heard from his friend, someone who he treats as his mother in over five days,” Miami Beach Police Officer Ernesto Rodriguez said, “He’s concerned. He calls (the) police. We arrive.”

The police were unable to access Pilgrim’s home through the front door and began banging on windows of the apartment complex. One officer was able to climb in through her bedroom window after hearing her calls. Violeta Pilgrim was then taken to a nearby hospital and is recovering. Thankfully, Violeta is expected to be okay after her terrifying experience.

Here are a few ways you can prevent fall accidents for those who live alone and are at risk of having a fall accident.

Tips for Fall Prevention in the Home

  • Ask neighbors to check in regularly
  • Have a plan in place for those who are at risk of having a fall accident
  • Create a signal with neighbors that you are alright by opening a window shade in the morning and pulling it down at night
  • Maintain three points of contact when getting up or walking around the home when possible
  • Check the home for potential fall hazards and correct them as soon as possible
  • Installing grab bars and super poles throughout the home where one might have mobility issues, such as next to a bed or a favorite chair can help provide stability and balance
  • Fall Detection Bracelets are an excellent alternative for those who live alone and do not want to wear a necklace monitoring system can help notify family and the police when they have fallen
  • Bed Sensors can detect the patterns of when a person is getting out and in bed and will send an alarm signaling when they have or have not been in bed for long periods of time.
  • Kinesis QTUG™ – has created mobility and falls risk assessment technology to help prevent falls for those who are at a greater risk
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