Fall Injuries Cause Record Number of Emergency Room Visits

CHICAGO, IL February 16, 2018 – Emergency room (ER) visits caused by falls hit a record 9.4 million in 2015 (the most current data available) according to data recently released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  This exceeds the previous record of 9.3 million set in 2011 (see attached chart).  This injury level reflects an increase of over 1.5 million ER visits since 2001 as reflected in the CDC’s WISQARS database.  Falls continue to be the number one cause of injury representing 30% of all injuries tracked in the CDC Database.

Surprisingly, almost 70% of all fall injuries happened to people 65 and under.  According to Thom Disch, author of the book, Stop The Slip, this pattern is consistent with previous years.  Disch elaborated, “The common belief is that falls are a problem for the elderly, but we all fall, and the injuries caused by those falls across all age groups.”  When asked why the elderly are the central focus for fall prevention programs, Disch went on to explain.  “The elderly need to be more cautious about falls because they face the most serious consequences from falls.  When we are younger and we fall we tend to bounce and recover quickly.  When we are older and fall we tend to break.”  The numbers from the CDC confirm this, while people over 65 represent 31% of the fall injuries, they represent 69% of the number of hospitalizations caused by falls and a whopping 82% of the deaths caused by falls.

Distraction Increasing Fall Injuries

Falls appear to be on the rise because people are more distracted.  Cell phone usage has increased the number of auto accidents and distracted walking seems to be contributing to the increase in fall injuries as well.  Disch believes that the increase in fall injuries can be reversed.  In Stop The Slip he lays out the five-step ALERT System for reducing fall injuries.  The first step and most important step is making people more aware of the fall risks they encounter in their everyday journeys.

Thom Disch is a leading expert and speaker on slip, trip, and fall injuries in the United States.  He has been compiling statistics and stories related to this healthcare crisis for ten years. Thom holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Oakland University and a master’s degree in management from Northwestern University.

Learn More About Fall Prevention

Stop the Slip is available now as both hardcover and paperback. Visit www.stoptheslip.com for more information on how to prevent slip, trip, and fall injuries. Here is a short video that summarizes the book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAzJW7Nifcc.

For more information contact Veronica Etherton at [email protected]  direct (847)996-6841 or follow Thom on social media @thomdisch @stoptheslip Facebook or Pinterest.

There is undeniable proof that falls are preventable. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to learn how you can reduce the risk of a fall injury. #slipandfall #fallprevention #fallinjury #stoptheslip #preventfalls



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