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  • Contest Submission: Slippery Stairs

    Contest Submission: Slippery Stairs

    This is the back door to our condo. We use these stairs to go down to our cars, take the garbage out and walk the dogs. As you can see, these stairs are not covered, so when we get rain or snow or even frost, the stairs are very slippery. We would like to find a way to make these stairs safer and less slippery.

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  • Train Station Crossing

    Train Station Crossing

    Crossing at train station. People run over plastic connection pieces that go in between the train tracks. In the winter time it can be really hazardous.

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  • Chicago’s Slippery City Bridges

    Chicago’s Slippery City Bridges

    If you have ever walked a great distance in the city of Chicago, you’ll find a number of wooden bridges. Many of these bridges can be found in the Loop but also north of the city. In the summer and spring the bridges are fine for walking, but in the rain and especially in the snow they are really treacherous.

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  • Grayland Train Station – Slippery Stairs

    Grayland Train Station – Slippery Stairs

    On my way to work everyday I take the Metra, the suburban train station in to my job in Chicago. The Metra had replaced a flight of old stairs with fresh concrete ones, but the stairs sloped downward at an angle. They are already slippery in rain. Its going to be horrible in the winter.

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